Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 No-Nonsense Ways to Keep Your Photos Sharp – PictureCorrect

5 No-Nonsense Ways to Keep Your Photos Sharp – PictureCorrect: "Modern DSLR cameras can produce very sharp images with plenty of detail. However, the chief limiting factor to the sharpness of an image is the quality of the lens being employed. If you use a basic kit lens, you will not obtain the best image possible with your camera, simply because the elements comprising the lens are imperfect. Yet even if your lens is the best there is (and that does not mean the most expensive) there are other factors that can ruin the sharpness of your images. Only if you can control these factors and use your best lens will you get that perfectly sharp image that you are looking for.   So, here are five things to do to ensure maximum sharpness in your images:"

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