Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Art of Portrait Photography: Expression and Exploration – PictureCorrect

Matt Hoyle Jake Gyllenhaal

The Art of Portrait Photography: Expression and Exploration – PictureCorrect: "Humans have been creating portraits of one another since the beginning of time, when rocks served as canvas and paints were made from charcoal and animal fat. Throughout history, portraits have been used to document appearances, "

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Shadows and Highlights: The Mark of Excellence – PictureCorrect

black and white shadows

Shadows and Highlights: The Mark of Excellence – PictureCorrect: "Back in the days of black and white photography, I worked in a darkroom as a lab assistant, and sometimes students would make the mistake of asking me what I thought. If they wanted to learn this was not a mistake, but if they just wanted me say how great their work was, that was when it became a mistake. Sometimes I would advise them to crop tighter or change their center of balance, but by far the most common problem they had was with shadows and highlights."

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Light Painting 101 | explora

Light Painting 101 | explora: "ople gravitate to photography for a wide range of reasons—for some it’s primarily a vehicle for artistic expression, while others are drawn to photography as a science and are engrossed by its technical aspects. "

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Tips & Techniques : All About Gadget

Tips & Techniques : All About Gadget: "No instant film camera? No problem – hook up your X100T with the SP1
Posted on September 14, 2014 |
You love the look, feel and function of the Fuji X100T…but you’re sorely tempted by the fun nature of those instant film cameras. There’s no need to feel torn about it now, because it’s easy to get your images printed in minutes straight from your X100T."

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Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos - Rachel Allene Photography & Lettering


Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos - Rachel Allene Photography & Lettering: "We all love to scroll through our Instagram feeds and double tap the images of cute puppies, colorful macaroons, gorgeous floral arrangements, latte art, and candid photos of our friends. We enjoy sneak peeks into the lives of others, whether it be our best friend or favorite celebrity. As a creative entrepreneur, Instagram is a large part of my business and allows me to connect with an audience from all over the world. I hope that my Instagram feed provides encouragement, honesty, and beauty into the lives of my followers and friends. I thought it would be a fun and useful resource to offer Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos. Let’s dive right in!"

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Best Fall Photography Tips

fall photography tips

Best Fall Photography Tips: "Here in the Midwest, the fall colors are just about at their peak. It’s beautiful!

Given that, it seemed a good time for some great fall photography tips. So we’ve set about searching high and low for the best fall photography tips to share here with everyone."

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