Thursday, June 23, 2011

Composition Tips for Landscape Photography – PictureCorrect

Composition Tips for Landscape Photography – PictureCorrect: "It may be hard to believe, but you can take very nice landscape photography even with the most basic equipment. You don’t need the latest and greatest ultra-wide lenses (although that does help create a unique perspective) or the fastest lens with a f1.2 aperture."

Sony Alpha A35 – PictureCorrect

Sony Alpha A35 – PictureCorrect: "SAN DIEGO, June 2011 — Light, compact and easy to use, Sony’s new α35 (SLT-A35) interchangeable lens camera brings pro-style shooting speeds and diverse creative options to photographers of all abilities."

Vibrant Colour Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Vibrant Colour Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "Taking photos in colour is easy, but taking colour photographs with a wow-factor requires a little thought. It is vital to be aware just how powerful colour can be in an image and how you can use this to your advantage. Too many different bold colours in an image will invariably produce a confusing and unsatisfying image."

Lytro light field camera allows users to adjust focus after shooting

Lytro light field camera allows users to adjust focus after shooting: "For those of us who grew up with film cameras, even the most basic digital cameras can still seem a little bit magical. The ability to instantly see how your shots turned out, then delete the ones you don't want and manipulate the ones you like, is something we would have killed for. Well, light field cameras could be to today's digital cameras, what digital was to film."