Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 10 Children Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Top 10 Children Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "

We all take so many photos of our kids, but it can be difficult to get that perfect shot when your little model won’t sit still, won’t smile, or will only smile like a cheesy gameshow host! When you try to direct children to pose, they tend to assume bizarre, twisted positions or do things that they never normally would…"

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Flawless Flesh Tutorial - Photo editing

Flawless Flesh Tutorial - Photo editing: "Achieving a natural looking smooth flesh tone is one of the many Holy Grail’s of commercial retouchers. Most retouchers develop their own individual methods but these usually rely heavily on Gaussian Blur which is a big mistake as it more often than not destroys too much of the natural detail. The method described below has been used successfully for many years for clients such as Prada, Selfridges and Laura Ashley and is very flexible even to the extent of working on surfaces that require smoothing other than flesh such as ceramics, chrome, fabrics etc."

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The ‘Odd Rule’ of Composition

The ‘Odd Rule’ of Composition: "Odd numbers are better than Even ones in photography.”"

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