Saturday, April 30, 2011

June Harrison

June Harrison: "For more than thirty-five years, June Harrison has photographed the action of professional tennis and scores of sporting activities. Her all-outdoor work has lead her to cover unique tourism destinations, architecture, landscape and garden design as well as industrial and construction projects along with people working on the job. Her Fame Face portfolio includes athletes, celebrities, leaders, legends, performers and VIPs."

Elizabeth Etienne

Elizabeth Etienne: "From the cobblestone streets of Paris, to the sandy beaches of California she now calls home, the photography career of Elizabeth Etienne has led her around the world and back. She attributes both her French-American up-bringing and her many years living in Paris shooting editorial portraits, music, film stills and fine art to giving her work a unique, Euro-American stamp that is hers alone."

Taking Panoramic Pictures

Taking Panoramic Pictures: "Take your images further with larger-than-life shots
Many new digital cameras offer a feature called panorama stitch mode. It allows you to create panoramic shots by combining up to three shots together into one large picture. Here’s some things to keep in mind while using it"

Composing your Pictures

Composing your Pictures: "Don’t just take pictures. Make pictures.
Point-and-shoot technology has progressed to the point that just about anyone can take pictures that are in focus, properly exposed, and fairly well lit, freeing you to concentrate on artistic aspects."

Tips for Texturing Photographs

Tips for Texturing Photographs: "Recently while I was processing an image, my husband, Peter, asked “Why take a perfectly good photograph and add texture?” I paused, fair question. I use texturing as to create unique one of a kind images"