Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Take Great Portraits – PictureCorrect

How to Take Great Portraits – PictureCorrect: "n my opinion the greatest medium for capturing a person’s character is through photography. It may seem odd to say a single shot can capture character while only capturing the moment, but done well it will tell you more about the person than any other medium without prejudicing your views through hearing them etc."

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20 Spectacular Macro Photography Examples

20 Spectacular Macro Photography Examples: "Macro Photography is the technique of photographing a subject up close. Typically the subject fills most, if not the entire, image plane. Stunning macro photography is generally best achieved with special equipment, including a specially designed lens. However, most modern cameras (point and shoot especially) have macro setting options built into the camera; making it a very common, but no less stunning, technique."

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9 Pet Photography Tips

9 Pet Photography Tips: "Pets fill very quickly their place in our hearts and families and we enjoy having their pictures framed on our desk or wall! However taking pictures of your best friend is not always easy. Pets, unlike humans, do not understand what we are trying to do and won’t just pose for the camera! Here are 9 tips that will help you help you get the most of your photo session"

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