Monday, November 7, 2011

Branding Your Photography Business – Part 1: Logos

Branding Your Photography Business – Part 1: Logos: "As a former PR person, the importance of branding was always a topic I was harping on with clients – from individual authors to multi-million dollar corporations and non-profit agencies. How a business presents itself can be the difference between success and failure. Photographers are no exception to this rule. How you brand your business – from logo to business cards, website to social media pages, portfolio to promo piece – all affect a buyer’s decision whether to work with you or not."

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Capta connects any smartphone to a tripod

Capta connects any smartphone to a tripod: "One thing you can say about smartphones: their limitations have opened the door for all sorts of new inventions. Among those limitations are the facts that many phones lack a tripod mount, and require a model-specific cover/kickstand if you wish to prop them up. "

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Breaking Photography Rules – PictureCorrect

Breaking Photography Rules – PictureCorrect: "Photography is one field that rewards people for breaking the rules. Are you a visual rebel? Like to push boundaries? Pick up a camera. But before you break the basic rules of photography, you have to learn them."

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