Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black and White Photography Tips #the52weekproject #photography | Picablog | Picaboo Blog

Black and White Photography Tips #the52weekproject #photography | Picablog | Picaboo Blog: "Last week, we talked about lifestyle photography and why it’s one of my favorite photography styles. When I go in to edit my lifestyle photographs, the majority of them usually come out as black and whites. There’s something classic and beautiful about a traditional black and white photo. The emotion of the photo really stands out and gives the shot a more artistic perspective."

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How to Photograph Star Trails – PictureCorrect

How to Photograph Star Trails – PictureCorrect: "
Star trails are beautiful, and have an almost surreal look to it. All it needs to photograph star trails is knowing the right technique, and having a bit of patience. If you have wondered how to create strikingly good star trail images, you are in the right place! In the tutorial shown below, Tony Northrup (photographer, instructor, and author) shares with us the basics of creating beautiful star trail images"

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Include The Foreground For Dramatic Landscapes

Include The Foreground For Dramatic Landscapes: "When photographing landscapes, it’s very easy to get lost in the grandiosity of the overall view, and sometimes , lose sight of what could be a better image.  Many times, I’ve been taken in by a grand expanse that was simply beautiful to look at, but was unable to translate that beauty into a compelling image. In the past few years, one of my favorite landscape techniques is to use an ultra wide angle lens to emphasize the foreground and use that beautiful expanse as background for an image."

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