Friday, April 27, 2012

How to do Time-lapse Photography – PictureCorrect

How to do Time-lapse Photography – PictureCorrect: "There have been plenty of time lapse videos floating around the interwebs lately and it’s inspiring many photographers to give the medium a go. As with any photography, getting the lighting correct is crucial to the end result. Jay P. Morgan gives a walk through of the lighting setup he used when making a timelapse video:"

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Are You Practicing these 5 Natural Lighting Tips?

Are You Practicing these 5 Natural Lighting Tips?: "Natural light is the most important and powerful tool available to photographers, and it is free to everybody in the world. Understanding how natural light works and how to work with it effectively is one of the key ways in which all of us can improve our photography without spending more money on fancy photographic equipment. In this blog post I’ve outlined five tips which I believe to be most vital to improving the way we work with natural light and in turn improving our photography"

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