Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Professionally Retouch Portraits in Lightroom

How to Professionally Retouch Portraits in Lightroom: "The Following is an excerpt from the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System v5 and accompanying workshop from the Lightroom Workshop Collection v5.  The Lightroom Preset System is designed to take you from Ordinary to Extraordinary photos in just a few seconds and clicks."

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Mastering Monochrome Mode

Mastering Monochrome Mode: "One of the benefits of digital photography that I really appreciate is the ease with which I can convert images to black and white. It was much harder back when I first became interested in photography. I remember wanting to try black and white, and print images in a darkroom, but living in a property with no spare space to build a darkroom meant that it was years before I was able to start learning to print."

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Landscape Photography With an ND Filter – PictureCorrect

Landscape Photography With an ND Filter – PictureCorrect: "Today’s photo tip concerns the neutral density filter. To get better landscape photographs, this is another piece of camera gear that should be in your bag at all times! It’s a filter effect that can’t be duplicated after the fact. It has to be done with the camera."

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