Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to Basics – ISO

Back to Basics – ISO: "Back in the days of traditional film photography, ISO (or ASA, as it was previously known) was the universal indication of film sensitivity to light, while in modern day digital photography, ISO refers to the light sensitivity of the image sensor."

Go from snapshooter to photographer!

Go from snapshooter to photographer!: "If you’ve ever seen a magazine you have been amazed at the capabilities of the professionals and their cameras, and wished you could take such amazing photographs too, well with some practice and the right equipment you can. Here are some basic principles to photography:"

Getting Horizons Horizontal

Getting Horizons Horizontal: "One of the first ever tips I was given when I began taking photos as a teenager was to watch the horizon when framing a photograph.

The day after I was given this tip I went back through all of my photo albums (I was using film cameras back then) and discovered that a fairly large proportion of the images I’d been taking looked a little like this one."

Photography Tip -The Magic of Water

Photography Tip -The Magic of Water: "The perfect time to shoot water is an overcast day, giving you beautiful soft light. Throw in a little fog and it is my dream come true! It is important to use a polarizing filter and a tripod. Yes, even on a cloudy day a polarizer does wonders to saturate colors, cut the glare from foliage and water, and slow down the shutter."