Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photography Lighting with Reflectors and Strobes – PictureCorrect

Photography Lighting with Reflectors and Strobes – PictureCorrect: "

Professional photographer Jay P. Morgan delivers a pair of information packed video tutorials, this time showing viewers the in’s and out’s of using light reflectors, then combining the reflectors with strobe lights and natural lighting to deliver perfectly lit scenes. In the first tutorial, Morgan discusses white, gold, soft gold, and silver reflectors and explains in which scenarios each color should be used in. Take a look at the first video and we’ll recap the key points:"

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Real Estate Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Real Estate Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "There are beautiful homes with superb design, architecture, and lighting. And there are homes that lack all three of these. The goal of a residential interior photographer is to make even the ugliest home look appealing. This guide will cover how to choose the right equipment, use proper lighting, prep a home for a shoot, and composition."

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Travel Photography Inspiration Project: India

Travel Photography Inspiration Project: India: "Welcome to the first installment in the long term DPS Travel Photography Inspiration Project. We start our world travels in India. The response to requests for photos was highest for this county more than any other and what a fine group of samples were sent! I asked each participant to not only include a photo or three, but asked them to help other photographers with tips for taking the same type of photo or about travel to India in general."

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Focus On Barbara O’Brien – From Animal Trainer To Photographer

Focus On Barbara O’Brien – From Animal Trainer To Photographer: "Barbara O’Brien is a very talented photographer, but she is an animal lover first and foremost. There is something very unique about the path she took to become a pro photographer and how she developed her skills."

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