Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Photography 101 (Part 2)

Wedding Photography 101 (Part 2): "To truly master photography, not just the wedding genre, you will need to learn how light affects everything. Invest time in reading, training and experience to perfect techniques as on the day of the shoot you won’t have time to stop and think about what settings you need – you’ll need to understand the basic principles as well as the set up of your DSLR like the back of your hand"

Olympus SP-610 – PictureCorrect

Olympus SP-610 – PictureCorrect: "Olympus unveils the full-featured SP-610UZ, a lightweight, 22x wide-angle ultra-zoom camera with HD Video capability, delivering the celebrated strengths of this pioneering family of cameras: sophisticated long-zoom, go-anywhere photography. The SP-610UZ packs fun features and superb image quality in a user-friendly camera, providing further proof that Olympus lets you capture it all."

Camera Lenses For Indoor Event Photography: Fast Glass – PictureCorrect

Camera Lenses For Indoor Event Photography: Fast Glass – PictureCorrect: "Five lenses every indoor photographer must have in their kit. It doesn’t matter whether you shoot Canon or Nikon, or whether you shoot crop or full frame. These five are a must have for capturing emotion and action in low light. If you’re still using a variable speed, package zoom lens then I implore you to consider purchasing at least one high-speed lens. Both Canon and Nikon offer an identical lineup of fast glass. In this article I want to focus on five different lenses. Three prime lenses and two zoom lenses."

Wedding Photography 101 (Part 3)

Wedding Photography 101 (Part 3): "The optimum conditions for a wedding shoot is a slightly overcast day; producing bright, yet even light, which will not only flatter your couple and other subjects but allow you to record as much ambient light as possible, thus lowering ISO and resulting in sharper, cleaner frames. However, as controlling the weather is out of your hands, wedding photographers must learn to adapt to shoot in any environment."

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 Review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 Review: "The compact camera body has the same width as the GH1 but is overall 1.5x larger and a few grams heavier. To my mind, the camera is still enjoyably compact and, even the with 10x lens attached, little larger than some upper level, fixed lens compacts … but this ‘un is just like a DSLR but with a turret LCD finder instead of an optical pentaprism viewfinder."