Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rain Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Rain Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "Do you love the sound and sight of rain? If you do, then you can consider this as a great opportunity to take beautiful photos."

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5 Steps to Better Composition

5 Steps to Better Composition: "Here are five tips for improving your composition. You may be surprised to learn that none of them involve the rule of thirds. There’s a good reason; it’s one of the first things photographers learn, so most of you are aware of this ‘rule’ (I prefer to think of it as a guideline) already."

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Pablo Picasso: Light Painting

Pablo Picasso: Light Painting: "One of the more popular types of special effect photography that we’ve seen readers of dPS engaging in over the last few years is that of ‘Light Painting’."

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