Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glass Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Glass Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "Photographing glass objects can be a challenge that frustrates the most experienced photographers. It reflects everything. It will give the most undesirable catch lights. And it can at times be almost impossible to get focused properly."

Pentax Q – PictureCorrect

Pentax Q – PictureCorrect: "Golden, CO – PENTAX Imaging Company has announced the PENTAX Q – the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera (ILC). The Q offers the versatility and precision of an advanced DSLR in a body that is significantly smaller than every other digital ILC body available on the market today."

Catchlights in Photography – PictureCorrect

Catchlights in Photography – PictureCorrect: "Maybe you have questioned as to why quite a few of your pictures seem lifeless, monotonous or empty?"

Take Better Photos With Your Digital Camera | PCWorld

Take Better Photos With Your Digital Camera | PCWorld: "Do your family members shudder when you pick up a camera? Are you jealous of your friends' Flickr albums? Has it been weeks since the last time someone 'Liked' one of your photos on Facebook?"

3 Minutes with Photographer Kelly Castro

3 Minutes with Photographer Kelly Castro: "Viewing great portraiture can be an extremely rich experience. Great portraiture takes on many forms and styles, but some of the most moving portraits are done in Black & White. A perfect example of this being the portraiture of Yousuf Karsh. While Karsh was a master of lighting and film, new photographers are emerging that are pushing new envelopes in d"

Watch a Street Photographer Going about a Shoot [VIDEO]

Watch a Street Photographer Going about a Shoot [VIDEO]: "One of the more popular topics of discussion on dPS over the last year or so has been ‘Street Photography’.

We’ve featured a variety of tutorials on Street Photography (there are a few links below) but every time we do people comment about the idea of walking up to strangers and taking their photos."