Sunday, February 16, 2014

10 Things You Should Know About Your New DSLR Camera – PictureCorrect

10 Things You Should Know About Your New DSLR Camera – PictureCorrect: "You just bought your first DSLR camera and can’t wait to start taking some awesome pictures with it. But the manual for your camera is huge, and you’re not quite ready to trudge through it.

So what are the basic things you need to know to be able to use your new camera correctly? Here are some great pointers to help you take better pictures and possibly start a photography career down the road."

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Five Keys to Better Black and White Landscapes

Five Keys to Better Black and White Landscapes: "
We are blessed that we were born with the ability to see in color. Seeing the deep blue of a summer’s sky or the intense red of a spring rose is something that we perhaps take for granted. As we see in color so our cameras take pictures in color but sometimes all the colors of the rainbow are too many, sometimes just two colors and all shades between can evoke emotions so far beyond the spectrum of our color spectrum. The name of those two colors: Black and White. Of course, pedants might say that neither black nor white are colors, they are merely the pure light and the absolute absence of light, but I would imagine they would have a hard time explaining that to Ansel Adams. Today we are going to look at five keys to improving your black and white landscapes."

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