Friday, January 3, 2014

Awe-inspiring optical illusions

Awe-inspiring optical illusions: "From street art to the wonders of nature, a selection of the best optical illusion images from around the world.

A tourist poses for a picture with the Sphinx at the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo."

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5 Tips for Better Long Exposure Landscape Photography

5 Tips for Better Long Exposure Landscape Photography: "David’s Long Exposure and DoF eBook Long Exposure and Shooting Shallow DoF eBook Bundle (Long Exposure comes with Lightroom Presets) is currently 43% OFF at SnapnDeals – grab it now! (only until January 16th AUS time)

Even if you are an experienced landscape photographer you will know there is lots to consider when approaching the area of long exposure, landscape photography."

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Five 52 Week Project Ideas - Digital Photo Secrets

Five 52 Week Project Ideas - Digital Photo Secrets: "One of the best ways to become a better photographer is to commit yourself to exploring a certain theme for awhile. And what better time to do that than at the start of a new year! Some people go so far as to start a 365 day project where they take a photo every single day. It’s too bad that’s not entirely workable for most people who have jobs, kids and other activities they’re engaged in. A 52 week project is a lot more reasonable. I encourage you to make the next year your ’52 week project’. Here are some ideas to get you started."

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Stretch Your Boundaries: The 100 Strangers Project - Digital Photo Secrets

Stretch Your Boundaries: The 100 Strangers Project - Digital Photo Secrets: "Are you ready to stretch your creativity? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone a little – or a lot? The 100 Strangers Project may be just the ticket. This project is just what it sounds like – an initiative to meet and photograph 100 complete strangers! The best way to take on a project this ambitious is to join an online learning group. The benefit is that you have a community of other photographers who are also photographing strangers to learn from and engage in discussion. You can take this journey with a group of like-minded folks and be involved in an amazing, collaborative project!"

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What is Lomography? - Digital Photo Secrets

What is Lomography? - Digital Photo Secrets: "If you own a DSLR camera, you’re probably at least a little bit of a techie. You love that high ISO capability, the aperture-priority setting and those beautiful, high-resolution images that can be blown up to poster size without any discernible loss of quality. You probably can’t remember how to load a roll of film (if you ever knew how to at all) and you think a dark room is what happens when the power goes out.
If that’s you, it might be time to get back to your roots. Because while there aren’t very many people who would say that all that high-tech is a bad thing, sometimes a little low-tech can be good for you."

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How To Photograph A Ghost - Digital Photo Secrets

How To Photograph A Ghost - Digital Photo Secrets: "Confession: I have never photographed a real ghost. So this tutorial is not going to help you stake out a haunted house or a cemetery, or advise you on which expensive piece of equipment you’ll need to buy in order to detect subtle changes in the inter-dimensional paranormal space-time continuum other-side."

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New: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide – PictureCorrect

New: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide – PictureCorrect: "This is a new book designed for anyone who wants to explore the world of landscape photography, either as a casual hobby or as a more serious endeavor. Professional photographer Erik Stensland presents an easy to understand introduction to landscape photography – covering all the basics necessary to get you started on the road to creating beautiful photos. We were able to get a 28% discount but only until next Friday. Found here: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide"

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A Day in the Life of a Studio Fashion Photographer – PictureCorrect

A Day in the Life of a Studio Fashion Photographer – PictureCorrect: "Being a fashion photographer isn’t all fun and games, there is a lot of work that takes places behind the camera. Take a look at the video below to catch a glimpse of what it takes to function on  the professional level as photographer, Karl Taylor, invites viewers into his world for a sneak peak of a typical day in his studio:"

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