Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Low Light Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Low Light Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "Low light photography is something that we all must deal with as photographers. Whether you’re taking photos with a point and shoot during an evening out, shooting a wedding party or capturing a landscape at dusk it’s important to understand the basics of shooting with low light. Photography is all about light, low light photography is no different and it offers new challenges and opportunities for creativity. Here is a helpful infographic on the subject:"

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A Day in the Life Of…. Weekly Photography Challenge

A Day in the Life Of…. Weekly Photography Challenge: "This week your photographic challenge is to take and share a photo (or photos) on the theme of – ‘A Day in the Life Of….’ (sorry it is a little late this week!)"

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Capture Camera Clip

Capture Camera Clip: "The Capture Camera Clip knocks us out of our little stripey socks.

What is it? It's a heavy-duty aluminum clip that attaches your camera to a bag strap or belt."

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