Saturday, November 19, 2011

Digital Photo - Better Holiday Portraits |

Digital Photo - Better Holiday Portraits | "Holidays are a time when families gather, making it an ideal opportunity for family portraits. One of the nicest places for a family portrait is outside, but since winter weather doesn't always cooperate, it's often best to keep the shoot indoors."

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Digital Photo - Looking Beyond The Bloom |

Digital Photo - Looking Beyond The Bloom | "In many parts of the world, photography becomes much more of a struggle during certain seasons. Weather can be a photographer's best friend or worst enemy, depending on where you live and what you're after, photographically speaking. "

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Aperture in Photography – PictureCorrect

Aperture in Photography – PictureCorrect: "To better understand what aperture is, we must first know how a camera works. Your camera is essentially a light-capturing device; light gets bounced off an object and is reflected into the camera. Light-sensitive materials in the camera then picks it up and saves it either as a digital image (JPEG, RAW), or onto traditional film. It works the same way as our eye does!"

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