Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photography on the Walkabout – PictureCorrect

Photography on the Walkabout – PictureCorrect: "There are times when everyday life becomes serious business. There are schedules to maintain, clients to meet, equipment to prepare, and products to deliver. Somehow it happened; your favorite hobby suddenly became overrun by your job. Set aside your daily scheduler, leave your cell phone behind, grab your camera and your favorite general purpose lens and hit the trails. It is time to get back in touch with photography on a walkabout."

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Sweet spots – Why your f/1.8 isn’t so great at f/1.8

Sweet spots – Why your f/1.8 isn’t so great at f/1.8: "This may hit some beginners like a ton of bricks so brace yourself for a mild disappointment here: your lens isn’t wonderful at all f/stops."

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