Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tips On Building Lighting And Shooting On A DIY Green Screen |

Tips On Building Lighting And Shooting On A DIY Green Screen | "So, first if you wander what a green screen is, it is basically a big. green. screen. The nice thing about a green screen is that most video editing software can separate the green screen from whatever is standing in front of it and overlaying the screen with burning ships, aliens, giant cakes chasing a mob or just whatever they can think of."

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Nature: Weekly Photography Challenge

Nature: Weekly Photography Challenge: "Earlier today we published the first of two posts in a series on Wildlife photography so thought this week we might give you an opportunity to practice the tips in it by making our challenge on the topic of ‘Nature’."

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Bokeh Lighting Techniques – PictureCorrect

Bokeh Lighting Techniques – PictureCorrect: "Times Square in New York is any photographer’s bokeh heaven – the stoplights, billboards, street signs and headlights make for an interesting backdrop to any photo. Whether you’re shooting wide open or otherwise, Times Square will not disappoint. Jay P. Morgan explains in detail how to experiment with different lenses and distances from the subject and background to create various bokeh effects"

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