Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beginner Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Beginner Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "This is an article targeted toward beginners just starting out. It is not very technical information, rather it focuses on some simple yet important tips that beginners should consider."

Cover Your Eyepiece

Cover Your Eyepiece: "Take a look at your DSLR camera strap. If you are using the strap that came with your camera, you might notice a little piece of plastic or rubber on one side of the strap. Have you ever wondered what that was for? (If the answer is “No” then it might still be sitting your camera box!)"

Storm Jacket Camera Covers by Vortex Media

Storm Jacket Camera Covers by Vortex Media: "Shooting on rainy or snowy days can result in some amazing images but also in accidental damage to your equipment. Whether you do nature or street photography, limiting yourself to getting out on dry days can be very frustrating."