Saturday, February 18, 2012

New batch of Nikon COOLPIX cameras unveiled

New batch of Nikon COOLPIX cameras unveiled: I can't help but wonder whether Nikon has been waiting for temperatures in my part of the northern hemisphere to dip below zero before announcing additions to its appropriately-named COOLPIX range of compact digital cameras. Probably not, but all nine models are released this month and include a new line aimed at today's family, some with built-in GPS, and a powerful new ultra-zoom.

24 Beautiful Dawn Images

24 Beautiful Dawn Images: Dawn is such a wonderful time to photograph life. Sun breaking the horizon, dew on grass, mist hovering over landscapes… of course, that’s only if you’re awake to see it.

DAWN: Weekly Photography Challenge

DAWN: Weekly Photography Challenge: Earlier today we posted 24 Beautiful Dawn Images – with the hope of giving you a little inspiration to set those alarm clocks a little earlier this week and to get out at – or before – sunrise to take some dawn images of your own.

Texture in Photography – PictureCorrect

Texture in Photography – PictureCorrect: Effective composition is a big part of producing eye-catching photos. It isn’t possible to carry out a comprehensive review of the field of composition in a few short paragraphs. Rather, three aspects of composition that tend to be especially important in texture photography will be covered: contrast, curves, and patterns.