Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Photograph the Stars

How to Photograph the Stars: "Photography in general is easy – right? You pick up your camera, point it in the direction of what interests you, and depress the shutter button. However, there are many levels of photography, and I’m sure many of you are aware of the basics."

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Wide Angle: Weekly Photography Challenge

Wide Angle: Weekly Photography Challenge: "This challenge builds upon our recent tutorial – 7 Ways to Get More out of a Wide-Angle Lens which gives some practical tips on shooting this way. While not everyone has a true wide-angle lens to shoot with we challenge you to use whatever you have available. If your camera has a zoom lens – resist the temptation to zoom in this week and shoot as much as you can at the wider end of the zoom."

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Action Sports Photography – PictureCorrect

Action Sports Photography – PictureCorrect: "n general, the term action or motion picture is associating with shooting at sports events. It is undeniable that capturing participants in sporting events is challenging, but action photography requires more than that."

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