Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tips for better photo composition

By Helen Bradley, CNET Editor
Five tips for better photo composition

Often, the difference between a good photograph and a great one is how you compose the image in the camera's viewfinder. Here are five ways to instantly improve the composition of your photos.

1. Apply the Rule of Thirds

Apply the Rule of Thirds for a more interesting composition. Imagine a grid drawn over the image. Position the focal point of your photo at the point where two lines intersect--anywhere but the middle.

2. Use lines to lead the viewer into the photo

Lead your viewer into the image. Use lines to lead the viewer's eye into the photograph. These can be fence lines, rows of light posts, stairs or a roadway leading into the scene.

3.Explore unique angles

Find a way to position your subject from a different angle than just straight ahead. Capture a portrait in a car mirror or a city streetscape reflected in a puddle of water or a shop window.

4. Get in close to the subject

Your subject is usually more important than the background, so move in closer. Use the camera's Macro feature (usually represented by a flower icon on a digital camera) so the subject remains in focus.

5. Get down low for children and animals

Get down low. When photographing children, small animals or even flowers, get down to their level so you look at them and not down on them.