Friday, January 20, 2012

Photography Tutorials & Tips

Photography Tutorials & Tips: "The table below lists all the tutorials on the site, the camera icons on the right of the page represent the level of the tutorial. Don't take too much notice of the grading, you will be able to understand most of it even as a beginner and even advanced photographers will find there are some gaps in their knowledge."

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Tamaggo 360-Imager captures all round action with a single click

Tamaggo 360-Imager captures all round action with a single click: "Canada's Tamaggo Inc. previewed an egg-shaped photographic device at this year's CES that's claimed to capture navigable high resolution 360-degree panoramas of its surroundings with a single click."

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Zen and the Art of Photography

Zen and the Art of Photography: "When you get really into photography, when you’ve mastered your camera and are focusing completely on the creative aspect, there’s a real beauty that comes to play. Being completely absorbed in your activity and thinking of nothing else. In a way, photography is a way of meditation. A way of zen. Your focus is completely on the image and nothing else seems to matter."

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