Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 tips for taking better kid pics - Holy Kaw!

10 tips for taking better kid pics - Holy Kaw!: "Every parent dreams of being able to capture all the priceless looks of their children on film, but few of us manage to record those precious moments to our satisfaction.

If you’re determined to preserve their youth outside of the yearly portrait shot at the mall but don’t have the funds to hire a professional photographer for a session at the park, Jodi Friedman at Digital Photography School has ten tips on lighting and technique to achieve the perfect shot."

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Time-lapse of Los Angeles Transitioning from Day to Night – PictureCorrect

Time-lapse of Los Angeles Transitioning from Day to Night – PictureCorrect: "You may remember photographer, Colin Rich, from the viral timelapse video L.A. Night. Now, Rich has made another L.A. centric timelapse which you can watch below. This latest timelapse, which Rich titled Nightfall, takes viewers on a trip through many of  Los Angeles districts as the sinking sun transforms into starlight. Rich employed multiple motion control techniques and a FloatCam DC Slider to capture the suns transition, a process which allowed Rich to capture only a single shot per day. "

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Golf Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Golf Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "Golf isn’t associated with being a very dynamic sport to photograph, because the action isn’t very fast and there are very strict rules on photographing PGA events. One would be quite surprised at how much opportunity exists to capture raw emotion, beautiful surroundings, and athleticism to the photographer who is willing to seek out the possibilities that exist."

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