Monday, April 4, 2011

A Simple Exercise to Train your Photographic Eye

A Simple Exercise to Train your Photographic Eye: "Here is a simple exercise you can do anywhere that will help develop your photographic eye. Take your camera with just one lens and go for a walk (of course any point and shoot camera will do the trick too)."

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer: "Let’s face it, starting street photography is no easy task. For the average photographer, going from shooting flowers into shooting people in the streets is like stepping into a Ferrari after driving a Toyota Prius. It is intimidating at first, but quite exhilarating once you try it out. After shooting on the streets for about four years, here are my top ten tips for somebody (with absolutely no background in street photography) to get their feet wet."

20 Quick Street Photography Tips

20 Quick Street Photography Tips: "I was going through an old ‘Digital Photographer’ magazine this afternoon and came across a good Top 20 list of tips for those wanting to get into Street Photography."

Street Photography: Weekly Photography Challenge

Street Photography: Weekly Photography Challenge: "I know some of you just went into a cold sweat thinking about the idea of going out in public to photograph strangers – but let me say up front you can interpret this any way that you like and need not make it Street Photography with a people focus at all."

Canon EOS 600D Review

Canon EOS 600D Review: "The more zeros in a model’s ID, the lower are the specs. This one is the T3i (also known as the) 600D, while a few months ago I reviewed Canon’s EOS 60D"