Sunday, February 9, 2014

Your Complete Guide to Outdoor Photography - Part One

Your Complete Guide to Outdoor Photography - Part One: "Outdoor photography encompasses a whole host of genres, like:  landscapes, nature, macro, wildlife and even low-light, thus it can be the perfect opportunity to try new techniques and compositions that are outside your traditional comfort zone.  So while you might have set off to capture some fascinating vistas, you might stumble upon a collection of unusual looking fungi and want to photograph that too, which is great as long as you’ve packed the right kit. The key here is preparation, because once you’re out in wild it can be a long trek home if you’ve forgotten something. Whatever you’re heading outdoors to capture, here are a few things to consider before you leave."

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Be A Digital Ansel Adams |

Be A Digital Ansel Adams | ""Ansel Adams" and "digital." Some feel these words don't go together: The ultimate film purist (who left us in 1984) would never use "artificial" digital imaging. But, actually, Adams was primarily concerned with the image, and image quality—detail and tonality—was high on his list of important factors, along with his creative vision."

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12 Epic Chrome Addons That Every Photographer Should Download Now

12 Epic Chrome Addons That Every Photographer Should Download Now: "Efficiency, productivity, and convenience are concepts of great importance to photographers, particularly as they relate to a photographer’s overall workflow. It’s not just your image organizing/editing applications to which the idea of a sterling workflow applies, however; for many photographers, their Web browser plays a vital role in their daily operation. "

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Understanding Conceptual Photography (With 17 Helpful Examples)

Understanding Conceptual Photography (With 17 Helpful Examples): "t’s relatively easy for us to classify most of the images we encounter on a daily basis, even if such classifications sometimes amount to nothing more than pigeonholing — this is a macro shot, this is a landscape shot, that’s just a regular ol’ portrait. I guess it works well enough to satisfy the human inclination to categorize everything."

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The Process of Taking a Photo – PictureCorrect

The Process of Taking a Photo – PictureCorrect: "After teaching photography for a number of years and constantly documenting myself on the subject, I often find educational material being all the same and just a little bit boring. Then I stumbled across an amazing book by Michael Freeman called The Photographer’s Mind. It had a lot of new pertinent elements that I really enjoyed reading. I highly recommend everyone read this book.

I would like to join one of Michael’s chapters here and add some of my “Southeast Asian travel photographer’s chili sauce”, because I find that it is a very effective way of showing people what goes through someone’s mind during the process of taking a photo. I have been trying to describe it to my students and find they really enjoy this. They can instantly imagine how things happen and how they can apply their knowledge. This is something I would have loved to read some years ago when I wanted to become more efficient when taking photos of people."

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Underwater Photography: Everything You Need to Know (Video) – PictureCorrect

Underwater Photography: Everything You Need to Know (Video) – PictureCorrect: "In this hour-long seminar, pro photographer Larry Cohen reviews many different types of cameras and light systems to use in underwater photography. He covers just about everything, from point and shoot types to extensive DSLR rigs, making sure there is something for everyone’s budget and needs. To back up his expertise, the seminar also offers a vast array of Cohen’s stunning marine life images. Take a look:"

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