Tuesday, December 14, 2010

David Stanley Photography - articles - filters

David Stanley Photography - articles - filters:
"There was a vogue a few years ago, which seemed to coincide with a general
surge in the popularity of a certain maker of square filters, for using ever more
outlandish combinations of filter effects. Often we would see a landscape buried
under a brooding tobacco sky, pierced only by a seven-pointed starburst sun
illuminating a curious coral pink foreground."

Photography Tips For Designers

Photography Tips For Designers:
"Throughout your career as a designer you will be required to use a camera
at some stage so it is vital you know how to use one, and at the very least,
know the basics principles & elements of photography. So I present to you
photography tips for designers."


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Nathan McCreery: Landscape Photographer Interview – PictureCorrect

Nathan McCreery: Landscape Photographer Interview

Travel Photography Subjects: History

Travel Photography Subjects: History