Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tips for Great HDR Sunsets

Tips for Great HDR Sunsets: "HDR is a bit of a buzz word in photography in the last while and there is much debate about it, whether it’s good or bad, appropriate or not, or even real photography or not.  Even right here on Digital Photography School, you can find articles for, and against, doing HDR.   I’m not going to get into any of that today, I’m just going to speak to those of you that do enjoy doing it and would like some tips for doing HDR sunsets, which is one of the toughest subjects to handle with this technique.   So if you are anti HDR, just carry on, or perhaps this may sway you a little to want to try it."

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How to Create Portraits that Captivate and Intrigue

How to Create Portraits that Captivate and Intrigue: "Yesterday as I wrote about an old professional photographer friend taught me about using a zoom lens as a compositional tool I was reminded of another influence that he had upon me – that of always considering the background and surrounds of your portrait subject"

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Ski & Mountaineering Photography Techniques – PictureCorrect

Ski & Mountaineering Photography Techniques – PictureCorrect: "As Winter approaches and snow vacations are already at sight, one just simply gets the will and inspiration to shoot incredible and mesmerizing pictures from our snow expeditions. But ever wonder how exactly you should do it?"

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Glamour Photography on Location in Rio de Janeiro: Behind the Scenes – PictureCorrect

Glamour Photography on Location in Rio de Janeiro: Behind the Scenes – PictureCorrect: "This year, photographer Steve McCurry was put in charge of creating the 2013 Pirelli calendar, a prestigious calendar given only to select VIPs and Pirelli customers. This year’s calendar features models with great causes ranging from environmental issues to helping keep children educated, and is located in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro. This behind-the-scenes video shows the models, locations, and photography techniques used in the making of the calendar:"

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Interior Photography Tips & Post-Processing Techniques – PictureCorrect

Interior Photography Tips & Post-Processing Techniques – PictureCorrect: "oger Brooks teaches us the fine points of interior photography in this comprehensive and informative walk-through. An experienced architectural photographer on the Vancouver scene, he shows us his approach to the capturing of the inside of a home, with techniques valuable not only to real-estate and commercial photography, but applicable in photographing any static scene:


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