Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waterfowl Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Waterfowl Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "f first starting out capturing waterfowls, a telephoto lens and tripod will be helpful. A telephoto camera lens with a focal length of close to 300mm or maybe more is preferable."

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Exploring Metering Modes

Exploring Metering Modes: "In my last article I looked at the fundamental reason why your camera’s meter sometimes gets exposure wrong. Camera meters measure reflected light, and will give an incorrect exposure reading if the subject is lighter or darker than average (you can read the article again for a full recap)."

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5 Great Mobile Apps for Photographers

5 Great Mobile Apps for Photographers: "Camera features on cell phones, tablet computers and even MP3 players have made it easy for everyone to capture their lives in a series of images. If you just need proof of the crazy things your friends do, any simple camera’s basic features should suffice. If you want to take a more professional approach to photography, though, some high-quality apps can set you above the photo-shooting pack.? ?"

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