Saturday, July 21, 2012

Water: Weekly Photography Challenge

Water: Weekly Photography Challenge: "Interpret the theme any way that you wish – you might like to hit the beach, take some seascapes or coastline photography , photograph a waterfall, photograph some water reflections, shoot some water drops, go do some underwater photography  or take some other approach to the theme."

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Surf Photography: Life on the Edge – PictureCorrect

Surf Photography: Life on the Edge – PictureCorrect: "Photographing surfers is a true labor of love. As Zak Noyle describes in the following mini-documentary, to become one of the great surf photographers, you put your life on the line every time you step into the water. Noyle, a well known photographer among the surfer crowd, proves his dedication to both, the sport and photography, by swimming out into some of the largest waves in the world, camera in tow. Check out some of the incredible footage of typical day in the life of a water photographer."

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Panoramic Pictures – PictureCorrect

Panoramic Pictures – PictureCorrect: "Understanding the way to learning how to do panoramic photography is one of the most exciting and fun things in photography. You can create thousands of photos that look beautiful on your wall or home office. It’s not only a great way to practice the way you look at photography in general, but a great way to master your landscape photography skills as well."

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