Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Hold a Camera Steady – PictureCorrect

How to Hold a Camera Steady – PictureCorrect: "If you are new to photography and do not know the correct way of holding your DSLR, then I recommend that you continue to read this article. Do not underestimate this because your inability to grip your camera properly will indeed affect the results of your photography attempts."

Pentax Optio-Wg-1 Review: Overview

Pentax Optio-Wg-1 Review: Overview: "Building off the success of their past 'Lifeproof' W-series models, like the Optio W90, Pentax has created their most rugger camera yet with the introduction of the Optio WG-1 and WG-1 GPS. These models offer identical specifications, with the latter camera offering GPS functionality and different color options."

Lightroom Toolbar: What you Need to Know

Lightroom Toolbar: What you Need to Know: "If you’ve seen items come and go in your Lightroom interface and if you’re confused about what exactly is happening chances are you hit a keyboard shortcut that displays or hides one of the interface features. When I was new to Lightroom it was the Toolbar – I could make disappear in a heartbeat – problem was it took a lot longer to work out what had gone and how to get it back."

How to Photograph a Rainbow

How to Photograph a Rainbow: "A Rainbow is something that has the power to stop you in your tracks when it unexpectedly appears when you’re least expecting to see one. They’re beautiful – but how do you photograph a rainbow?"