Friday, April 5, 2013

Painting with Light by Digital Photo Secrets

Painting with Light by Digital Photo Secrets: "You’ve heard me talk a lot lately about inspiration, and about how to find great photos in boring places. Let’s say you’ve tried a bunch of those tips but would really like to break out of that whole reality box and try something completely different. Here’s an idea: get yourself a flashlight, a few glow-sticks from the dollar store and a tripod and try painting with light."

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Electrifying Lightning Photography by Digital Photo Secrets

Electrifying Lightning Photography by Digital Photo Secrets: "There are very few photographic subjects like lightning. Lightning is unpredictable, appears only for a split second and is best captured by pointing your camera at an empty piece of sky and hoping something happens. A good lightning image cannot fail to impress a viewer, though, who will probably think you got that image by engaging in some thrilling, dangerous storm chasing, maybe even in a torrential downpour while riding in an open-topped jeep across a rocky field. Yes, on the coolness scale there isn’t much that rivals a good lightning photo, except maybe a tornado."

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Seeing Double: Learn How to Clone Yourself | Photojojo

Seeing Double: Learn How to Clone Yourself | Photojojo: "Have you ever had a dream where you looked around the room and everyone looked exactly like you?

Wait, was that a dream?

Either way, you can turn your camera into the ultimate cloning device and make like a million clones of yourself!"

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Quick Tips for Great Photography Compositions – PictureCorrect

Quick Tips for Great Photography Compositions – PictureCorrect: "oe McNally is a giant of modern photography. For more than two decades he has been shooting for National Geographic, and in 1994 he was hired on as LIFE Magazine’s first staff photographer in 23 years. He has been intermittently featured in Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated, among other regular publications, and does advertising work for major corporations such as Nikon, Sony, FedEx, and more. In this video, Marc Silber picks his brain about the fundamentals of composition – when to heed the rules, and when to break them:"

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New: Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting, 50% Off This Week – PictureCorrect

New: Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting, 50% Off This Week – PictureCorrect: "This new video training course is designed to help photographers master studio strobe lighting. It’s a complex topic that many struggle with; one of the most difficult elements to achieving consistent professional results for clients. We were able to arrange a 50% discount for PictureCorrect readers on the digital download which expires Tuesday, simply remember to use the discount code PICTURECORRECT at checkout, found here: Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting"

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