Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips for Photographing Birds | PCWorld

Tips for Photographing Birds | PCWorld: "Perhaps you've noticed something about photographing wildlife: It's really hard. The main problem, of course, is that animals will, almost without exception, fail to pose on cue. In fact, they refuse to take any direction from you at all. And if you thought it was hard to take a photo of a cat or a dog or a moose, just try to photograph birds. In the past, I've given some advice for shooting wildlife and pets, but this week let's zero in on tips for capturing our feathered buddies."

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Get started with wedding photography | Macworld

Get started with wedding photography | Macworld: "Wedding photography is hard, so think twice before taking on this assignment. There are many factors to a successful wedding shoot, including your rapport with the bride and groom, knowing what to expect at every moment for five or six hours, and the venue."

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10 Tips for Landscape Photographers

10 Tips for Landscape Photographers: "So many times I have pointed my camera at a landscape simply because it was there and looked beautiful. This was a a trap. I had been lured me into believing that simply taking the photograph was worthwhile in itself. All I had done was hold a mirror up to nature. I had not made the photograph. The image made no statement and expressed nothing about my own perspective."

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