Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Ways to Take Better Smartphone Photos

5 Ways to Take Better Smartphone Photos: "When you think about smartphone photography what comes to mind? My guess is you probably think about Instagram, photo filters, bad selfies and any number of other keywords that describe this new wave of photography."

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Photographing Fall Foliage

Photographing Fall Foliage: "Fall colours can be very different from place to place. Some areas will have a very short colour-changing season of a week or less, while elsewhere it can last nearly a month. Every location will produce different colours, depending on the type of flora and other factors such as climate and soil.

The hillsides of New England, which attract thousands of photographers every year, are famous for their dappled assortment of species producing different shades, ranging between reds and greens."

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Birds of Florida, Photography Tips & Techniques - Presenting the Images of SW Florida

Birds of Florida, Photography Tips & Techniques - Presenting the Images of SW Florida: "When we left off a couple weeks ago I mentioned that with the Fall nature photography season upon us and by "popular demand" in addition to new articles I'd begin re running past posts on the topic for new readers and as a refresher for regulars. Now that we've identified and are familiar with 75 or so of Florida's most prominent birds, let's learn some specific approaches to taking great pictures of our avian wonders.  Today, the portrait."

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Rediscovering Backlit Subjects

Rediscovering Backlit Subjects: "Look where the sun is coming from – then position yourself with your back towards it so that it light up your subject’s face.”

This was the very first piece of photographic advice that I was ever given as a child entrusted with the family’s camera for a school excursion."

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10 Ways to Improve Your Photography in 30 Days – PictureCorrect

10 Ways to Improve Your Photography in 30 Days – PictureCorrect: "Improvement in any area requires a plan and some action. If you would like to improve the results that you get from your own photography there are any number of different things that you can do to enhance your skills. Here we’ll take a look at 10 things anyone can do, at virtually no cost, that can help to make a noticeable difference in your photography over the next 30 days"

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