Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Take Photos Underwater by Digital Photo Secrets

How To Take Photos Underwater by Digital Photo Secrets: "Have you ever wanted to make more out of your next vacation? I know. We’ve all been out diving, and maybe some of us have tried taking pictures, but how well did they turn out?"

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How to avoid blooming by Digital Photo Secrets

How to avoid blooming by Digital Photo Secrets: "Your mother told you never to look at the sun, or you’ll go blind. Whenever some cameras take a picture of a very bright object (like the sun), the light can get so intense that it doesn’t just affect one part of the image."

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5 Myths About Backgrounds by Digital Photo Secrets

5 Myths About Backgrounds by Digital Photo Secrets: "Backgrounds are an important part of any image. They set the context, and can make a dull image interesting. Most of us are constantly in search of a background with character, feeling it will add something extra to shot."

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Around the World with a Total Eclipse of the Moon

Around the World with a Total Eclipse of the Moon: "Whatever you have planned for this weekend, cancel it now.

Saturday Dec 10 2011 sees the last total eclipse of the moon until April 2014 – the last chance to photograph one of nature’s most attractive natural phenomena in over two years."

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