Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Types of Panoramic Photography – PictureCorrect

Types of Panoramic Photography – PictureCorrect: "
Panoramic Photography can be classified into 3 types: the cylindrical, spherical and planar panoramas. And the cylindrical panorama includes inner-cylinder and outer-cylinder panorama. The shooting technique of the cylindrical-panorama involves 3 methods: horizontal method, vertical method and oblique method. And the spherical panorama includes inner-sphere and outer-sphere panorama."

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15 Inspiring Underwater Images

15 Inspiring Underwater Images: "It’s slowly warming up in my part of the world (Australia) and with a vacation planned to Northern parts of the country I’m looking forward to some underwater photography. Here’s some underwater shots that we gathered a couple of years back here at DPS to get in the mood. Enjoy!"

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LowePro Photo Sport 100/200 AW Bag [REVIEW]

LowePro Photo Sport 100/200 AW Bag [REVIEW]: "LowePro’s photo backpack line contains a newer entry; a lighter backpack meant for a more active photographer. The idea is to keep things nimble, while still allowing room for the other necessities of an active lifestyle on the trail (rain clothes, 10 essentials, lunch, etc…)."

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Get your White Balance Right in Seconds Using Grey Card

Get your White Balance Right in Seconds Using Grey Card: "Not every beginner photographer is familiar with white balance concept and use.

And it was the same case for me when I started to get into photography"

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Colour and Photography – PictureCorrect

Colour and Photography – PictureCorrect: "We live, eat, sleep, work and relax in colour. Our worlds are profoundly influenced by colour. We feel in colour and experience life in colour. So, we need to use colour to the best of our ability and create images reflecting this. Understanding and controlling colour is fundamental as you learn digital photography."

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