Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo Composition Tips – PictureCorrect

Photo Composition Tips – PictureCorrect: "One aspect of photography that photographers constantly strive to improve is composition. It is one of those things that you spend your entire photographic career working on. There are many considerations to be made on what to include in the frame and, equally important, what to leave out and it can sometimes be a little overwhelming in trying to get the hang of it"

Replacing Green Screen Background w/ a Digital Background

Replacing Green Screen Background w/ a Digital Background: "The technique known as “green screen photography” also known as chroma key photography is familiar to most people who watch television news and weather sometime during the day. However, it was not first developed for the television broadcast industry. The green screen technology was developed for use in the movie industry during the 1940s. Also, though green screen backdrop is the common nomenclature, blue screens are sometimes used too. The most important aspect of this technology is that the background color does not appear at any place in the image."

Set Yourself a One Focal Length Challenge

Set Yourself a One Focal Length Challenge: "I wouldn’t normally shoot with that focal length but the lens was supplied by Leica with the camera and I wasn’t about to run out and buy another lens just for a 2 week test (they run at several thousand dollars) – so I decided to make the most of it."

Food Photography – An Introduction

Food Photography – An Introduction: "Interested in learning about Food Photography? Read on for some introductory tips."