Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dramatic Portrait Light |

Dramatic Portrait Light | "There's an old adage about portraiture: If you want an interesting portrait, don't light the entire subject. In other words, you can create interesting lighting by creating interesting shadows. And when it comes to shadows, keep this adage in mind: Shadows are the soul of the picture."

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How to Safely Clean a DSLR Sensor (Video) – PictureCorrect

How to Safely Clean a DSLR Sensor (Video) – PictureCorrect: "If you’ve been too afraid of cleaning the sensor on your DSLR by yourself, fear no longer. The handy little gel stick featured in the video below will have you cleaning your gear like the pros do in just a matter of minutes. Watch the clip for a full review and instructions on how to have dust-free equipment:"

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5 Quick Tips for Photographing People Outdoors – PictureCorrect

5 Quick Tips for Photographing People Outdoors – PictureCorrect: "Your pictures of your friends, parents, children, or grandchildren don’t always come out the way you’d like, and you are frequently frustrated by the harsh shadows on their faces when you photograph them outdoors. But you want them to look good, because you care about them (or you wouldn’t be taking their picture, right?)."

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