Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introduction to White Balance

Introduction to White Balance: "White Balance is an aspect of photography that many digital camera owners don’t understand or use – but it’s something well worth learning about as it can have a real impact upon the shots you take."

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5 Tips to Expand your Photography Business Skills

5 Tips to Expand your Photography Business Skills: "You want to turn pro? Great! First ask yourself why. It is not as glamorous as it may seem. Can you sustain your passion for the art of photography while shooting somebody else’s vision? Are you ready to take whatever job comes your way to make ends meet?"

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Key Tips to Winning a Photography Contest

Key Tips to Winning a Photography Contest: "Many photographers attempt to sell their photos on stock sites or at galleries to make some money off of their work. However, photography contests are a great way to earn some easy cash from photos you’ve taken and you can do it with a few simple clicks. This guide will take you through some simple steps that will greatly enhance your chances at winning an online photography contest."

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How to Pose Hands in Portraits

How to Pose Hands in Portraits: "Sometimes the smallest things in a photo can impact the overall feel of the image.

I learned this important lesson the first time I photographed a wedding."

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A deeper look into Depth of Field

A deeper look into Depth of Field: "A shallow depth of field is highly sought after due to it’s ability to separate the subject from it’s background and is found in many professional photographs. By now your probably know that larger apertures (f/2.8 and below) correlate to a shallower depth of field whereas small apertures (f/16 and above) will render almost the entire frame in focus."

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