Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digital Digital photography Hints That may Change You in to an Expert | Articlicious

Digital Digital photography Hints That may Change You in to an Expert | Articlicious: "Digital Digital photography can be a little regarded talent and an elite hobby in which not most people get to master. Yet you will find many hopefuls who wish to find out about digital photography."

How to Get Foregrounds Right in Photography

How to Get Foregrounds Right in Photography: "After my last overseas trip I received emails from two fellow travelers from the tour group I shared two weeks with as I toured around Turkey. Both emails contained some of the ‘best’ photos that my two fellow travelers. Many of the photos that each of them took were in the same locations (mainly landscapes) and I was fascinated to compare them because despite being taken in the same location – many of them were remarkably different in terms of quality."

Photography Tip: Overexposure is OK!

Photography Tip: Overexposure is OK!: "Okay, okay, yes, I know that Bryan Petersen wrote the book Understanding Exposure which teaches you how to make great exposure for great photographs. But sometimes, what's 'correct' isn't always the most effective for the point and feeling of the photograph. Purposely (or even accidentally) overexposing the image by one or two stops can create a very ethereal mood. With the right subject and setting, the results can be breathtaking. Oh, and don't worry about Bryan...we are a tight family here at PPSOP! :)"

VIBRANT Color: Weekly Photography Challenge

VIBRANT Color: Weekly Photography Challenge: "Next week here at dPS we will be releasing an eBook that I’ve been looking forward to making available for a while – it’s called Captivating Color (pictured right) and has been written by Mitchell Kanashkevich (who authored our Travel Photography eBook)."