Saturday, March 17, 2012

HDR Portrait Photography Walkthrough – PictureCorrect

HDR Portrait Photography Walkthrough – PictureCorrect: When photographer, Kevin Bryan, decided to do a photographic essay chronicling the devastation that took place when a tornado leveled much of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, he teamed up with film maker, Xavier Burgin to document the process. The two enlisted the help editor, Douglas Dillingham, and signed on a local model, Rae Marshall to pose for the shots. Bryan, only a recent graduate from the University of Alabama, and Burgin, who is still enrolled in the university, demonstrate their interesting techniques in this behind the scenes look:

27 Beautiful Black and White Portraits

27 Beautiful Black and White Portraits: "n preparation for our weekly assignment (which will be posted later today) I thought I’d share some black and white portraits (you’ll never get what the theme of the challenge is). Click on images to learn more about it and the photographer behind it on their Flickr page."

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Black and White Portraits: Weekly Photography Challenge

Black and White Portraits: Weekly Photography Challenge: "This week your challenge is to take and share a black and white portrait. We’ve done portraiture challenges in the past and they’ve always been popular – but after todays collection of 27 black and white portraits I thought it might be fun to issue that challenge"

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Time-lapse Photography and Video Processing Techniques – PictureCorrect

Time-lapse Photography and Video Processing Techniques – PictureCorrect: "In this amazing production, Mark Bramley uses his Canon 5D Mark II to capture life around Tokyo over a two day time span. “Lost in Tokyo” combines DSLR video footage and over 10,000 time-lapse still photos to depict many different social settings around town, including shots taken in the subway and some visually stimulating imagery of the airport. Sort of a new way to document culture utilizing modern techniques and technology. Enjoy the short film here:"

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Creative Portrait Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Creative Portrait Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "

Canadian photographer, Ryan Doco Connors, shows the versatility of a one light setup in a short video he made documenting a photo-shoot in which four models represented the four elements. To photograph wind, fire, water, and earth Connors employed his Nikon D300 with Nikkor 85mm f/1.8, a 50′ Wescot Apollo softbox, and a single Nikon SB-600 flash. Take a look at the video and let’s discuss the setup:"

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Wedding Photography Equipment – PictureCorrect

Wedding Photography Equipment – PictureCorrect: " was shooting an ‘out of area’ wedding last week (to me that is a wedding more than 20 miles from my home), went to pick up my camera bag and nearly had a hernia."

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