Friday, May 24, 2013

Props Are Evil: How To Use Them For Good

Props Are Evil: How To Use Them For Good: "Nothing freaks me out like props.  Every time I see a picture of flower girls holding an empty frame that is outlining a bride and groom kissing in the distance, I die a little inside.  "

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Muscle Car Photography Lighting Techniques – PictureCorrect

Muscle Car Photography Lighting Techniques – PictureCorrect: "
If you’ve ever tried to photograph a shiny object, you know how reflections can throw a wrench into your shoot. Likewise, if you’ve ever shot anything larger than a small group of people, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of illuminating wide, often multi-faceted areas. If you combine these two situations, you might start to get an idea of the challenges behind lighting  and photographing an automobile. In this video, photographer Tim Wallace explains in great detail how to “shape” light around a vehicle – specifically, a high-end muscle car:

Because the surfaces most cars are polished to a high gloss, it’s important to pay close attention to where the lights are showing in the finish. You should use clean, simple lighting accessories (soft boxes and strip lights) that can blend nicely and create attractive reflections, as opposed to barn doors, grids, or snoots which will create odd, awkward shapes."

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