Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zombie-Fication! - Worth1000 Tutorials

Zombie-Fication! - Worth1000 Tutorials: True of every piece of work you start - if there isn't an underlying reason for the work being done that's clear in your mind before you begin, it will hurt the look of the final image. The devil is always in the details, and when I look at my finished work I know exactly why I added each element to it. If there is something in there that just doesn't make sense, you can be sure people will notice.

Can Photography Become an Addiction?

Can Photography Become an Addiction?: I do it for a living, I do it on my breaks, days off, vacation… Sometimes I wonder if I ever have a day off or if I have a job. Is addiction one of the job hazards? Should it be added to the list of things to seriously consider when you’re thinking of turning pro? Or is it simply pure happiness?

What Is a Long Exposure in Photography? – PictureCorrect

What Is a Long Exposure in Photography? – PictureCorrect: Usually, when photographers talk about long exposures they mean that the shutter is open for longer than can easily be hand held, though it’s surely not as simple a definition as that.

The first rule of thumb for a hand-holdable shot – the focal length reciprocal rule: