Saturday, January 26, 2013

Natural Light Portraits: Weekly Photography Challenge

Natural Light Portraits: Weekly Photography Challenge: "This week with the launch of our brand new Portraits eBook I thought it might be fun to run our weekly challenge with a Portrait theme but focus in on portraits that are ‘naturally lit’ – as it is a very accessible theme (all you need is a person… and some daylight)."

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Classical Art & Photography – PictureCorrect

Classical Art & Photography – PictureCorrect: "In terms of artistic mediums, photography is a relatively new form of it. Many of the composition techniques used by the Old Masters are major influences to the way we see and create photography in modern times. In the following hour and half long seminar artist and photographer, Adam Marelli delivers an informative presentation on how photographers incorporate the ideas of artists of different mediums into their work as sure fire ways to improve the visual aesthetics of an image (for those of you reading this by email, the seminar can be seen here):"

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