Friday, October 12, 2012

Portrait Photography Lighting at Sunset – PictureCorrect

Portrait Photography Lighting at Sunset – PictureCorrect: "Using the bright setting sun as a backlight can be intimidating for some photographers when shooting portraits outdoors, but it’s not impossible to get some great shots out of it. Check out the video below for some useful tricks and tips on shooting portraits at sunset, including how to use a xenon flashlight to create a warm, complementary light to accent faces. Have a look:


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Photographing the Micro Landscape – PictureCorrect

Photographing the Micro Landscape – PictureCorrect: "When I began making pictures of the landscape, it was always the big picture that figured and I suppose it’s the same for most of us. It was a case of a few exposures and then move on to the next grand view."

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How to Photograph Zombies

How to Photograph Zombies: "Halloween is my favorite holiday and one of the best bits is the undead. Zombies aren’t confined to Halloween but their Fall migration, called Zombie Walks, begin around September and numbers increase drastically until October 31st. Help track the spread of walking undead this season with some great photos!"

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