Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tripods and Monopods Guide – PictureCorrect

Tripods and Monopods Guide – PictureCorrect: "

If you have already spent a little fortune with your latest digital camera, you might ignore the need for a tripod to complete your entire photographic experience. Fine! BUT while you make a move from good to great pictures taking, best camera tripod or monopod will avoid series of blurred images and are becoming useful add-on that all photo enthusiasts should have. "

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Photography in the Moonlight

Photography in the Moonlight: "Even a casual play with your camera at night will reveal its remarkable ability to see much more than your eyes can, and in full colour too. All it takes is exposures up to 30 seconds long with the aperture wide open and the ISO up reasonably high. Of course you still need to think about lighting but if you can get away from the city, there is one obvious and natural light source."

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Work: Weekly Photography Challenge

Work: Weekly Photography Challenge: "This week your challenge is to take a photo and then share it on the theme of WORK."

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