Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Olympus VG-120 – PictureCorrect

Olympus VG-120 – PictureCorrect: "Olympus reveals an ultimate value with the introduction of the Olympus VG-120, the first in a new line of pocket-friendly, creativity-enabling, and budget-conscious cameras aimed at photographers of all ages and experience levels. This smart, portable point-and-shoot camera offers incredible new features that let you capture it all."

Understanding Basic Light Properties for Photography – PictureCorrect

Understanding Basic Light Properties for Photography – PictureCorrect: "The way light acts upon a subject will depend on the physical properties each light source presents. Before taking on the challenge of creative photographic lighting it will be worth your while to understand some of these properties."

Samsung SH100 – PictureCorrect

Samsung SH100 – PictureCorrect: "Samsung announced the launch of the new SH100, a compact Wi-Fi enabled camera that delivers great shots that you can share over the internet and social networks with your friends and family, from wherever you are in the world. The SH100 is set to be Samsung’s leading fully connected camera in 2011, building on the success of the company’s wirelessly connected cameras to date and allowing Samsung to take a dominant position within this growing market."

How To Photograph Pets – PictureCorrect

How To Photograph Pets – PictureCorrect: "If you have ever tried to take a photograph of your pet you will have discovered that it is not as easy as you might have thought.
Taking photographs of them while they are sleeping is not really a problem, but once they wake up and are running around causing mischief you will need lightening quick reactions in order to get a good picture."

5 Key Skills for the Modern Photographer

5 Key Skills for the Modern Photographer: "All the whistles and bells of the modern camera should, at least in theory, make crafting great images an easier and more straightforward process than it used to be – with all these exposure modes, focussing tools, picture styles and the like, camera manufacturers would like you to believe that it’s just a matter of squeezing the shutter and hey presto you’re Bailey"

Photographing a Large Group of People… With the Fro

Photographing a Large Group of People… With the Fro: "Photographing a large group of people can be something of a challenge – in this video Jared from Fro Knows Photo shares how he approached it (including how he post processed the shot and how he’d approach it differently next time)."